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Web Design

Your website is your shop window. It shows who you are, and influences how your customers perceive you and your business. The web design of your website can have a decisive impact on whether customers will trust you and your products.

At Minddrake we familiarize ourselves thoroughly with your industry and your target when creating a web design. We put the emphases on what makes you unique, and focus on what differentiates you from your competitors. In this way, you get a communicative design that speaks to your audience.

We design creatively in an appetizing and user-friendly manner that makes it easy to navigate your page. And then of course we keep the international standards of web design that makes your website look good, regardless of whether your customers are visiting your website from a mobile, PC or Mac computer.

Web Design Solutions

We offer various web design solutions and will be happy to customize a deal for you.

New or redesign — We offer both new web design and redesign of existing websites.

Design from your own ideas —Create a drawing or send us a picture or a collage that illustrates your wishes. Then we convert it into a finished design product.

Visual identity — If you have a new business or need to have changes made to your old logo, we can create your new visual identity. We provide everything from a logo design manual, so you will get a nice, professional and consistent look, both on screen and in printed materials.

Text and images — We provide both text and images for your website — all by appointment.

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