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Targeted communication

When communicating online it is a good idea to think in different formats. Some messages are best transmitted on video, while others require more text. Or maybe there is a need for the target audience to ask questions or comment on the content of your website. There are many opportunities in digital media. What you choose depends entirely on the purpose of your presence and communication.

Minddrake offers different forms of communication advice and consulting. For example, we can help you figure out how to communicate your message best. We can advise you on how to use the various digital communication channels, social media, apps, etc. And we can also create solutions for you so you are completely ready to go.

We offer:

Communication strategy — Where and how should you communicate with your target audience, and what you wish to achieve with your communications. We create a strategy in collaboration with you that will make your communication clearer and more effective.

Texts that work – A good text is crucial to making sure that your message gets through. We have experience in conveying information on all areas in easily understandable language.

Video — It requires quite an effort to convey a sharp message in moving pictures. The majority of people only devote a brief moment of attention to a video clip, so the message must be quite sharp in order to maintain the target group. Minddrake has experienced film professionals available, who are able to produce everything from short clips to larger productions.

Facebook Apps — If you want to run a focused effort on Facebook, it may be useful to have an app that provides a specific functionality. We provide both separate and integrated apps for existing Facebook pages or individual campaigns.

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