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Website solutions at the highest level

Presenting your business on multiple platforms beyond your own website is a good idea if you want to communicate on the internet. It can be on Facebook or a blog, or maybe you need an app for a smartphone or a shop so you can sell your products directly.

If you’re not already there, Minddrake helps you figure out where you must be present to reach your target audience. We can also advise you on how to use the all of the available digital communication channels, social media, apps, etc. If you are confident in your strategy, we can create solutions for you and make you completely ready to go.

We offer:

Website solutions — We provide all our website solutions in a CMS system that makes it easy for you to update your pages with text and images. Our website solutions can also be extended with mobile display that automatically adjusts the content to your phone or a tablet-sized screens and navigation principles.

Apps and mobile platforms – Apps are a way to make content accessible to the user. They can also be desirable for marketing or sales. We develop all kinds of apps for both iPhone and Android.

Webshops — Minddrake delivers both small and large webshops. Webshops can either stand alone or be integrated into a new or existing website. We do not compromise on design, but deliver webshops that stand out and provide the best experience for buyers.

Video —If you’re looking to supplement your site with video footage, we also offer this service. We make both short and long films that are suitable to be displayed on the web.

Facebook Apps — If you want to run a focused effort on Facebook, it may be useful to have an app that provides a specific functionality. We provide both separate and integrated apps for existing facebook pages or individual campaigns.

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