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Case: Dual Impact

DUAL IMPACT is an international consulting firm that advises companies with a holistic approach, both within “hard” and “soft” disciplines. They focus on the fact that together the budget and people create a successful business.

DUAL IMPACT’s website was designed as a so-called responsive design. This means that the solution can handle multiple screen sizes, without the need to make multiple versions of the website. Thus, the site can be viewed optimally on different devices such as iPhone, Android and iPad.

The site was developed in WordPress. The graphics was made by our partner Leoglyhne.

Nicolai Tillisch – CEO for DUAL IMPACT – said about the process of working with us:

“Our old site was a very inexpensive solution. It did not reflect our brand. It had a “heavy” look and did not appear simple and elegant. We used carefully selected fonts that came out looking really bad. I contacted several web designers in Europe and Asia about changing the whole thing.

Minddrake was the perfect choice. Unlike most others Karsten did not put us into predefined frames, but built it all with a customized structure. I regularly use our site and am pleased by the good results every time. I am also impressed with how great it works on different computers and telephones.

Karsten and the team worked quickly and efficiently. Cooperating with the graphic designer who created the logo and brand manual was a good experience. Being a customer of Minddrake is very satisfying and feels safe.”

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Dual Impact

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